Ardmore Foundation: History and Today

The Ardmore Foundation is a private non-profit foundation established in 1991 to support Ardmore and the individuals they serve. The Foundation’s mission is to provide funding for quality of life enhancements to individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages with the goal of promoting the ability to live independently with dignity and self-esteem in the community.

Mike Trace, previous director of Ardmore, Inc., established the Ardmore Foundation in 1991 with the help and generosity of local business and community leaders.Over the years, the Foundation purchased homes and leased them to Ardmore for residential services.Additionally, the Foundation purchased both the office building and the Bridges facility for Ardmore’s use.Revenues generated, through careful fiscal management and fundraising efforts enabled the Foundation to make grants to Ardmore several times annually, supporting both client and agency needs.

The Ardmore Foundation has donated nearly $700,000 to Ardmore in support of client and agency needs.Some of the donations include:

  • Furniture, household items, and small appliances.
  • Emergency housing, rent and utilities.
  • Medical equipment (limited by Medicaid) such as orthopedic shoes and lifts.
  • Clothing – in particular special order sizes, winter coats and boots.
  • Christmas and birthday gifts for clients annually.
  • Recreation and entertainment through the “Social Engagement Fund.”
  • Ardmore Inc. has received funding for the Accel Trax System, computer equipment, the annual Employee Award Luncheon, and other special requests.
  • Other select organizations that have received funding are the ARC of Summit and Portage County, Crest Network, and CSBMR/DD Levy Campaigns.
  • The Ardmore Foundation supported the development of the Autism Project , The Lest We Forget Initiative, The Frontier Initiative and the Advancements in Autism Initiative.

The Ardmore Foundation has provided safe, quality housing and programming facilities to Ardmore.In the past 25 years, the Foundation has purchased and maintained 12 homes for the provision of residential services and has been committed to maintaining the homes with a strong focus on safety and accessibility.The Foundation also purchased a commercial facility on 10 acres in Tallmadge for the expansion of Ardmore’s Bridges program, an innovative vocational preparation and day program for adults.

The Ardmore Foundation has offered staff support for fundraising and communications services to Ardmore by organizing annual fundraising events, preparing annual fund drives and designing annual newsletters for distribution to over 1000 individuals and community organizations in Summit County and around the State of Ohio.

In September, 2015, the Ardmore Foundation sold its residential properties to the Summit Housing Development Corporation, (a non-profit housing corporation dedicated to serving adults with developmental disabilities), in an effort to provide reduced rents to clients served by Ardmore.

Proceeds from the sale will be invested carefully by the Foundation ensuring long-term availability of funds to support Ardmore’s client’s needs.The vision of mission-driven philanthropy will continue for years to come.